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Don't run the risk of buying a used Alfa Romeo car with costly hidden problems.

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Alfa Romeo VIN Decoder

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  • Bookmark this page for future reference. It shows not only the Alfa Romeo year, make and model but also engine size, configuration, horsepower, torque, gear, front or rear wheel driver, invoice price and MSRP. This is similar service that is used by Alfa Romeo and Fiat dealers. The only draw back here is that it doesn't show the latest Alfa Romeo model years. The first position in the VIN shows the country of assembly. This is where the MAKE was made.

    In some cases, it may refer to where the MAKE headquarters are located.

    Ford VIN Decoder – An Illustration

    For the 8C Competizione car security code: 1 - inertia seat belts, front airbags driver and passenger safety. This is used to verify if the VIN number is valid. This number is generated by a formula developed by the DOT. The vin number is located in the following locations. The VIN number is located on the driver side bottom part of the windshield. VIN plate is located near the top of the suspension on the passenger side.