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The best Atlanta sex crime attorneys understand that charges of sex crimes are sometimes the result of a misunderstanding or misinformation, and will assist in defending clients with compassion and respect.

Sex Crime Charges

In the Atlanta Georgia area, our criminal lawyers have a collective 73 years of criminal law experience. Sex crimes are punished severely under Georgia law, and a conviction can have life-altering consequences.

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Experienced sex crime attorneys in Georgia can help defend against a wide range of charges, including:. In Georgia, any conviction of a sex crime against a minor, including kidnapping, false imprisonment, or transmitting child pornography, will result in inclusion on the Georgia sex offender registry.

Georgia State Records

In addition, if convicted of a dangerous sexual offense, such as rape, sodomy, incest, or child molestation, a person must also register. Misdemeanor convictions and juvenile offenses do not require registration into the registry. If placed on the Georgia sex offender registry, such status requires that person to notify local authorities of his or her sex offender status. Plus, such status acts to restrict the places where the sexual offender may legally live and work.

For example, registered sex offenders in Georgia may not reside or be employed within 1, feet of any childcare facility, church, school, or other area where minors congregate, such as a public playground. There are many other rules and restrictions that must be followed as a registered sex offender, and violation of these rules can have serious penalties. A sex crimes attorney in Georgia can discuss the detailed consequences of a conviction that requires clients to register.

Whether you are merely being investigated for a sex crime or have already had sex crime charges filed against you, it is imperative that you obtain legal assistance as soon as possible. The law states that persons convicted for a sexual offense in Georgia must register with the local sheriff. The Law took effect on July 1, , and prevents sex offenders from re-offending by keeping an eye on them.


All sex offenders in Georgia must register and update their information unless exempted by a court. This information is available to the public including the victims of previous sexual abuse on the internet. The report will help them take precautionary measures against sex offenders. The Law covers both sex offenders living in Georgia and those convicted in another state but intends to live and work in Georgia.

Sex offenders in Georgia depending on the nature of the sex crime also suffer restrictions on places of employment. They are not allowed to work in organizations that offer services to persons under age Georgia Sex Offenders Registry stores and updates this information. The Registry verifies this information before it is available to the public through the internet. Registration requirements for each level differ and depend on the law.

Sexually dangerous predators register under Level 3.

Sex Offender Registry

They wear an electronic monitoring device for the rest of their lives. There are 26, registered sex offenders in Georgia. By clicking above, I accept the Terms of Use. Sodomy against a minor or Aggravated Sodomy against a minor or adult - GA.

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Statutory Rape unless the age of the perpetrator is 18 years of age or younger - GA. Use of a minor to engage in any sexually explicit conduct to produce any visual medium depicting such. Creating, publishing, selling, or distributing any material depicting a minor engaged in sexually explicit. Any conduct which, by its nature, is a sexual offense against a minor this language replaces GA. A Name; social security number; age; race; sex; date of birth; height; weight; hair color, eye color, fingerprints; and photograph;.

Georgia Sex Offender Registry

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They each exhibited such passion and concern, we felt as if we were in a family meeting instead of a consultation. Experienced Defense Against Sex Crimes Even if you are never convicted, being accused of a sex crime can change your whole life. Andy M.