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The resources below contain documentation on the installation, configuration, and maintenance of these servers, as well as documentation on the networked printers themselves. Below are places to find and connect with other sysadmins who support Apple computers and use other operating systems.

The sites listed below allow sysadmins to compare various technological devices and ultimately to make shrewd purchasing decisions. Open-source programming resources shown below might be helpful to sysadmins responsible for writing programs, or small programs called scripts, that enhance communications between large-scale computer systems. Because sysadmins in higher education must often innovate on small budgets, this list focuses heavily on resources for open-source software development. Open-source programmers produce software collaboratively and then make it available for download at no cost.

Many sysadmins are responsible for troubleshooting computer hardware that has suffered some sort of mechanical breakdown. Computer hardware vendors, such as Dell Computer Inc.

Here, sysadmins can find information on issues specific to a particular brand of hardware, or even a particular computer part, such as a hard drive, inside a particular class of computer. Not only can sysadmins use vendor sites to communicate directly with hardware vendors about computers still under warranty, but they can also access valuable contributions from other sysadmins in the community forums, or even post a question of their own for the community to respond to.

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One respondent summarized the importance of these forums by stating, "I'm most likely to find someone who has already experienced the same problem I'm having, and hopefully someone else has already figured out the solution" Informant 33, personal communication, June 22, The participants of this study work with a wide variety of computer brands, so support sites for a variety of computers are listed below. Some sysadmins included in this project are responsible for writing web-based programs, maintaining web servers, or designing and publishing the web sites stored on those servers.

The Linux server operating system, Apache web server software, MySQL database, and PHP scripting language are all open-source tools that contribute to the architecture of the university's web services. This university prefers to use open-source tools because they are available at no cost. We realize there are alternatives such as Microsoft's Internet Information Services, the resources listed below are taken from our participants and useful reference for sysadmins who administer and program in the LAMP web environment.

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These resources may help sysadmins who manage large numbers of customer machines, particularly in the Windows R2 operating environment. He also writes a number of long, detailed blog posts describing, diagnosing and solving specific problems using the tools" Informant 4, personal communication, June 20, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. Classification Description.

Creswell, J. Howe, D. Howe, J. The rise of crowdsourcing. Hurt, C. Information Sources in Science and Technology. Englewood CO : Libraries Unlimited. Mount, E. Using Science and Technology Information Sources.

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Phoenix AZ : Oryx Press. Strutin M. Making research guides more useful and more well used. Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship [Internet]. Scope and Methods We conducted a case study using purposeful sampling and data collection through semi-structured electronic interviews.

Organization and Significance Resources are organized topically, according to the types of work sysadmins reported they performed.

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BMC Software, Inc. Remedy Action Request System [Computer software]. The software speeds the handling, integrates processing, archives data in real-time, and keeps everyone informed. As an example, one respondent explained that his university's computer call center had stored records of nearly , help calls in its Remedy database as of July With this software, sysadmins have the ability to search these records and look for patterns. Many respondents reported this type of resource is helpful for re-examining problems they have seen before, but cannot quite remember the solutions to.

If the university's call center receives a large number of help requests about one particular issue, help-desk employees write up the procedure for a fix, known as a solution. Solutions are stored in a database, which is available for both sysadmins and computer users to search via a "Search Knowledgebase" field on the university's computer self-help web site.

North Carolina State University. Those who add pages to this wiki are responsible for their own writing and editing, and the community expects that those who write and edit here will correct any errors. Though one needs a university computing account to log in and edit pages, the content of the wiki is freely available for reference. Twitter, Inc. Contributors add a "hashtag," or identifying keyword, to a Twitter post, to make their message easily accessible to other users who might query the Twitter search engine for that hashtag.

Although a hashtag is used in a manner similar to a keyword search in an online library catalog, it can differ in that it has a "query-at-the-moment" aspect. For example, if the author was having trouble setting up an e-mail vacation rule in Gmail, she could go to twitter. Then she would see a feed of other Twitter users' posts about Gmail.

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One of these posts might even contain a link to documentation that explained how to set up an e-mail vacation rule in Gmail. Likewise, she could put a hashtag on a post in her own Twitter feed; that post might read, "How do you set up a vacation rule in Gmail? Dictionaries of Acronyms and Terms The sites below help sysadmins increase their technological vocabularies. FOLDOC provides insight into the meanings of "acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything you might expect to find in a computer dictionary" Howe Consulting this resource might help a sysadmin better understand what a colleague with a different area of expertise is talking about.

Quinstreet, Inc. Webopedia: Online computer dictionary for computer and internet terms and definitions. Therefore, the information technology field is fraught with acronyms.

Webopedia allows site visitors to search for these acronyms and offers clear explanations of their meanings. E-mail Discussion Lists An e-mail discussion list allows a person to send an e-mail message to a large number of people with similar interests. One respondent characterized the importance of e-mail discussion lists as sources of information in this way: These are good places of reference for problems and issues others like yourself may be experiencing.

For example, if you want to upgrade software , there may be other people trying to accomplish the same task or if you have a particular error message, others may have seen the same error and either have a fix for it or some form of workaround. Mailing lists are also a good place to ask questions to get input from others around the world since there may be a problem and multiple ways to solve it and one may suit your needs perfectly and the others may not Informant 19, personal communication, June 21, EDU Register for this mailing list at this web site in order to keep in contact with others who administer e-mail systems at higher education institutions.

This is a comprehensive index of mailing lists that relate directly to new and existing versions of and services for MySQL, as well as a "frequently asked questions" URL. The categories are each subdivided into further support. Within the "Eventum" category you can subscribe to or visit archives on: General Discussion and Eventum Development.

Within the "Community" category you can subscribe to or visit archives on: General Discussion, Certification Announcements, Packagers, and Summer of Code. Within the "Non-English" category you can subscribe to or visit general archives in German, Spanish, and Japanese. Print Server Administrators List. Project Cyrus. E-mail System Administrators List. Project Cyrus is a major infrastructure service that was employed to replace s mail and bulletin board at Carnegie Mellon University.

Project Cyrus is a scalable mail system for independent use to a system centrally managed. At Project Cyrus, you can download Cyrus Software, access a Cyrus Wiki, and subscribe to or visit archives of various Cyrus lists all with a different focus. Shibboleth-Users List Archive.

This link leads you to the list's read-only archives. As one respondent said, "Rands' blog is very useful for developing the right mindset for Ziff Davis Enterprise Holdings, Inc.

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IT management and project management. At the same time, there is often an article or two in the print edition that focuses [on] the management of people in a technical environment" Informant 11, personal communication, June 22, Network Infrastructure These resources provide reference information about the structure and function of the network that allows both servers and customer computers to connect to the Internet. ARIN Online. According to one respondent, "If you have a question about who owns or manages a particular [Internet Protocol] IP address, you can use this web site to find out registration information" Informant 25, personal communication, June 23, This high-level, national collaboration propels the development of high-performance computer networks and helps the nation plan strategically for future applications of the Internet.

The site provides details on the activity of the nationwide community, as well as information on workshops, conferences and other educational opportunities designed to help technologists from all over the world engage with each other. This type of resource also helps educational institutions communicate with each other on the most current information technology issues. One respondent put it this way, "[MCNC gets] our local [colleges and] universities together to collaborate on new projects" Informant 21, personal communication, June 21, For instance, there is a current initiative to implement single sign-on, one password regardless of computer system, and identity management among North Carolina institutions.

MCNC's web site clearly explains its structure and function, but it also provides web conferencing services, a suite of network connectivity troubleshooting tools, a searchable knowledgebase, and a dynamic discussion forum where sysadmins can seek support and advice on technical issues.

This service is for North Carolina exclusively, yet other states could benefit from the web site as a model for possible implementation. Network Solutions, LLC. WHOIS search for domain registration information. Here network administrators can determine who owns a particular web site on the Internet. Network Printing Some sysadmins maintain servers that process print jobs sent from networked printers.

Powell, P. LPRng web page. Sysadmins who maintain Unix print servers can not only retrieve the latest version of the software here, but also can read instructional documents about its installation and troubleshooting. From this site, sysadmins may also join the lprng.