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What’s a High School Diploma Worth, Anyway?

You may need to provide identification or verification that you are an employer. Additionally, the school official may require the applicant to sign a release form giving permission to release the information to you. Depending on when the applicant graduated, the high school may not have their diploma on file. They are required to keep graduation information on file for many years. In the case of an applicant that did not go to a traditional high school, you may need to do some more digging. To expedite the process, ask the applicant to provide you with the contact information for the institution that awarded their diploma.

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Do You Need Proof That You Graduated High School?

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Previous Next. View Larger Image. By Elizabeth Stroik Everybody lies. The importance of verifying education Hiring a candidate who does not have the proper education can result in serious consequences, from profit losses to lawsuits.

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Why Should Employers Verify Education?

Your background screening provider should be checking the accreditation status for you when performing education verifications. Does this mean that the applicant is being deceptive? Not necessarily. We notice dates of attendance discrepancies commonly with college degree verifications.

Sometimes, the applicant fulfilled all degree requirements and finished classes during one semester but the degree was not officially finalized by the school until the end of the following semester. The applicant may think they earned their degree in December because they finished classes in December, but if the school does not award degrees until May, the graduation date for the applicant will be in May. The topic of Background Checks is a tricky labyrinth to navigate these days. Let us help with the directions.

Applicants are sometimes willing to offer a copy of the diploma that they have earned and employers accept this as an alternative to completing official education verifications. These types of websites are easy to find, and employers must be cautious about accepting applicant provided documentation. High school diplomas are awarded by the high school attended by the applicant after the applicant has earned enough credits to qualify for graduation, while GED General Education Development diplomas are awarded and overseen by the state in which the GED test was taken.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Background Checks

However, it is possible to verify if the applicant completed and passed the GED exam after being homeschooled. Verifying certificates earned through a college or vocational program can be a time consuming process. Some schools choose to keep certificate records separately from traditional degrees, and the specific department must be contacted to verify. It can be very difficult to track down the appropriate contact at the school and sometimes special forms must be completed by the applicant before the school will release any information about the certificate.

You never know what a school requires until you make contact with them and ask. While many schools are willing to accept generic releases of information that the applicant has signed, other schools prefer to provide their own release and require a pen-to-paper signature from the applicant before any record can be released.