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Evaluate when to ask questions related to criminal convictions — and when to hold back.

How to Prepare For a Background Check (ASL included)

Apply best practices for reviewing job advertisements and employment applications. Address gaps in employment history, which can be seen as discriminatory in certain cases. Recognize the importance of individualized assessments to avoid discrimination claims.

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Colorado Enacts ‘Ban the Box’ Legislation to Take Effect in September 12222

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Technical Assistance for Employers "Ban the Box"

LessmanR jacksonlewis. However, for reference, here is a link to our ban-the-box document that charts state and local restrictions on criminal history inquiries and background checks for non-governmental employers. As you can see, ban-the-box laws are complex and they vary from one jurisdiction to another. With the EEOC recommending that employers follow the ban-the-box guidelines—eliminating questions about convictions from job applications, delaying background checks—we expect that these laws will only become more prevalent in the coming years.

October update California Bans the Box and More. May update Indiana Un-Bans the Box.

Webinar on Ban the Box and Salary History

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Ban the box One of the most oft-discussed trends in the background check industry over the past few years has been the legislative movement to "ban-the-box. How does the law affect what employers can do with background checks? Latest trends Note that new ban-the-box laws are being implemented regularly at this point, both as state or county laws and as city ordinances.