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With MySpace, bands could completely reinvent themselves in a second.

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All you had to do was change your layout and delete some pictures. They updated all of their artwork to correspond with this before breaking up completely about a week later. But sometimes you do get lucky, and will discover an amazing band, like Friendly Fires. I even went to Paris for their gig, just so I could hear Paris live.

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With an artist who aimed for sheer volume, uploading thousands of tracks in a year, one simple, limited page was not enough. For many MySpace musicians, by it had become cool to strip back on the features the site offered, using minimalist design or as minimalist as MySpace would allow , a handful of demos and hidden friends and comments. Lil B reacted against any such trend, flooding MySpace with as much content as he liked with little regard for quality control or for his audience.

The Based God never so much made himself into a brand as he made himself overwhelmingly unavoidable, a presence that constantly loomed intimidatingly large on the increasingly twee MySpace landscape. The 10 Best MySpace Masterpieces.

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Step one is to visit Myspace. Things are For one, there is no Tom. The new interface, while different from the old one, feels familiar in that it seems pretty half-baked and looks like shit. Click "Sign in. Dig deep into the recesses of your memory and try to remember your old email and password. C'mon, you can do it. A little trial and error never hurt anybody. MySpace originally promised to not share users "identifiable information, or use such information in a way that was inconsistent with the purpose for which it was submitted, without first giving notice to users and receiving their permission.

Consequently, advertisers were able to locate a user's MySpace profile from the Friend ID to gain access to personal information from one's profile, such as the user's full name. This became increasingly dangerous for users and their safety because it leaked private information to the public.

MySpace, in , provided users the option of controlling their individual privacy settings on their profile. In hope of regaining users from Facebook, MySpace is now simplifying their privacy settings.

Our ten most fondly remembered MySpaces from this distant pre-tweet era...

Providing a safe social network with proper privacy settings, while also allowing users to be as social as they want, is the ideal system for all social media users. Myspace is often used as a venue for publicizing parties, sometimes with the host's knowledge and sometimes without. There have been some well-publicized incidents where Myspace parties have caused thousands of dollars damage to property, and even in at least one case loss of life. The minimum age to register an account on Myspace is 13, but it was 14 at one time and some still think of it as being Users whose ages are set at 16 or over have the option to set their profile to public viewing.

Accessing the full profile of, or messaging someone when their account is set to "private" or if under sixteen is restricted to a Myspace user's direct friends.

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Myspace will delete fake profiles if the victim verifies their identity and points out the profile via e-mail. Recently [ when? Stricter methods for enforcing age admission will be enforced in the future, such as blocking a person from accessing Myspace using a computer's IP address. Beginning in late June , Myspace users whose ages are set over 18 could no longer be able to add users whose ages are set from 13 to 15 years as friends unless they already know the user's full name or email address. In June , sixteen-year-old American Katherine Lester flew to the Middle East, to Tel Aviv, Israel , after having tricked her parents into getting her a passport in order to be with a twenty-year-old man she met through Myspace.

In October , thirteen-year-old Megan Meier committed suicide after being the victim of cyber-bullying instigated by the mother of a friend who had posed as a sixteen-year-old named "Josh Evans".

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In December , Myspace announced new measures to protect children from known sex offenders. Although precise details were not given they said that "tools" would be implemented to prevent known sex offenders from the USA creating a Myspace profile. In February , a U. District Judge in Texas dismissed a case when a family sued MySpace for negligence , fraud , and misrepresentation ; a girl in the family had been sexually assaulted by a man she met through MySpace, after she had misrepresented her age as 18 when she was Regarding his dismissal of the case, U.

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Patchin University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire concluded that most adolescents use Myspace responsibly: "When considered in its proper context, these results indicate that the problem of personal information disclosure on Myspace may not be as widespread as many assume, and that the overwhelming majority of adolescents are responsibly using the website," they say. Dave Itzkoff, in the June Playboy magazine issue, related his experiences of experimentation with membership in Myspace. Among his other criticisms, one pertains to the distance afforded by the Internet that emboldens members, such as females who feature photos of themselves in scant clothing on their profile pages or behave in ways they would not in person, and he indicated that this duplicity undercuts the central design of MySpace, namely, to bring people together.

Itzkoff also referenced the addictive, time-consuming nature of the site, mentioning that the Playboy Playmate and Myspace member Julie McCullough , who was the first to respond to his add-friend request, pointedly referred to the site as "cybercrack".

Itzkoff argued that Myspace gives many people access to a member's life, without giving the time needed to maintain such relationships and that such relationships do not possess the depth of in-person relationships. Furthermore, in terms of MySpace's potential for underhanded commercial exploitation, Itzkoff is particularly critical of the disturbing and fraudulent behavior of people who can contact a member, unsolicited, as when he was contacted by someone expressing a desire to socialize and date, but whose blog to which Itzkoff was directed via subsequent emails was found to be a solicitation for a series of commercial porn sites.

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Itzkoff is similarly critical of the more subtle commercial solicitations on the site, such as the banner ads and links to profiles and video clips that turn out to be, for example, commercials for new 20th Century Fox films. He also observed that MySpace's much-celebrated music section is heavily weighted in favor of record labels rather than breakthrough musicians.

In relating criticism from another person, whom Itzkoff called "Judas," he illustrated that, while the goal of attempting to bring together people who might not otherwise associate with one another in real life may seem honorable, Myspace inherently violates a social contract only present when people interact face-to-face, rendering, in his opinion, the website nothing more than a passing fad:. Greenspan claimed that new Intermix Media CEO Richard Rosenblatt and other board members cheated shareholders by selling the company for less than it was actually worth. In October , Greenspan published "The Myspace Report" on a personal website, calling for government investigation into News Corp's acquisition of Myspace.

Activist group MoveOn. The simplified Chinese version of MySpace, launched in April , has many censorship-related differences from other international versions of the service. Discussion forums on topics such as religion and politics are absent, and a filtering system that prevents the posting of content about Taiwan independence , the Dalai Lama , Falun Gong , and other "inappropriate topics" has been added.

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Throughout and , Myspace was accused of deleting the "Atheist and Agnostic Group" on at least two occasions, deleting a pro-choice group, as well as banning individual Myspace users. The controversy stemmed from the belief that the groups and users had not violated the site's Terms of Service, and had been banned solely due to complaints from a smaller group of conservative religious users who were offended by the groups and members being on Myspace. Schools, public libraries, and employers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Australia and Malaysia have restricted access to Myspace, seeing it as "a haven for gossip and malicious comments.

A Catholic school in New Jersey has prohibited students from using Myspace at home, an action made to protect students from online predators as claimed by the school, although experts questioned the legality of such a ban and if it is constitutional. As of October 6, the block had been lifted. Both teens were arrested by undercover Los Angeles police detectives posing as Myspace employees.